Positive out comes only! - Smile through it all! x

Thanks for checking me! :) i'm Kate-Layla, 18 love Makup, hair, fashion, health, diet and fitness, ...love laughing, partying tooo!! x x

Laugh and love life!! Only positive out comes! Thoughts become things.. think good things, .. receive all good things you deserve! :) x
Very happy driving…..

Very happy driving…..

Good morning!!!! Ready for a better day ahead….. :)

Why do you always make it seem like its my fault?! Why do I always feel like iv made a problem out of nothing?! Why do I always leave feeling stupid and worthless?! You say you love me?! But how can that be?!

Love her loudzzzzzz

Love her loudzzzzzz

so low down, there is only up left to go now….

i WANT to be better, i want to be perfect so he stops hurting me, so no one ever hurts me again! 

once you have broken someone’s trust, is there any hope……..?

i don’t love him, but why can i not let it end…why can’t i break up with him i- he treat me like shit, i can’t even stand his name, and i hate myself! he has a hold on me, i am sceard to let it end, why??? i just want it to go back to how it was three months ago!! :( pleaseee!! i want to feel special… 

when will it not be a lie to say “it’s all okay”…..?